A Many-Minds Interpretation Of Quantum Theory

Matthew J. Donald

The Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE, Great Britain.

e-mail: mjd1014@cam.ac.uk

Many-minds interpretations of quantum theory are many-worlds interpretations in which it is argued that the distinction between worlds should be made at the level of the structure of the individual observer.

This site contains copies of a series of papers in which I have developed a technically-sophisticated many-minds interpretation, which gives explicit definitions to the crucial concepts. Thus the physical structure of “observers” and their temporal and probabilistic development are explicitly characterized. The theory is compatible with special relativity theory, with quantum field theory, and with the macroscopic and thermal nature of observers.

The site also contains:

Introductory and Non-Technical Starting Points

Core Papers

Supplementary and Related Papers

Expository Material

Reviews and Comments

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