KeyserLab Members and Affiliates

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Academic visitors

Prof Kurt Andresen, Visiting Professor, Gettysburg, USA, 2018
Dr Fabian Czerwinski, Visitor, joined Princeton, USA, 2010
Prof Sandip Ghosal, Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Back at Northwestern University, US, 2012-2013
Prof Christian Holm Visiting Professor, ICP Stuttgart, Germany, 2013
Prof Murugappan Muthukumar, Royal Society funded visiting Professor, returned to Amherst, USA, 2014
Dr Stefano Pagliara, Senior Lecturer at Exeter, 2014-2019
Prof Jingjie Sha, Visiting Researcher, returned to Southeast University Nanjing, China, 2010-2011

Former PhD students and Postdocs

Dr Kareem Al Nahas, MPhil student and PhD student VIV, joind MPI Biochemsitry (Schwille), 2016-2022
Will Arter , PhD student XVIII, joined Knowles Lab, Cambridge, 2016-2020
Dr Nicholas Bell , PhD student IV and Postdoc, joined Oxford University, 2010-2016
Dr Krystyna Bromek Postdoc, 2011-2013
Dr Mustafa Caglar, PhD student XXII, 2016-2020, joined Tymit, London, UK
Dr Catalin Chimerel, PhD Student III 2008-2012, postdoc 2012-2014, joined University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Niklas Ermann, PhD student XX and postdoc, 2017-2021, joined TransitionBio, UK
Dr Cynthia Fisher, Postodc, joined STEMCELL Technologies, Cambridge, 2013-2014
Dr Clare Fitzgerald, Postdoc, jpined IQVIA, Cambridge, 2016-2018
Dr Hannah Gaimster, Postdoc in collaboration with Dr David Summers, joined John Innes Centre Norwich, UK, 2014
Dr Jannes Gladrow, PhD student XIV, joined Microsoft Research, UK, 2015-2019
Dr Kerstin Goepfrich , Bsc, Mphil and PhD student X, joined Spatz Lab, MPI Stuttgart, Germany, 2012-2017
Dr Joanne Gornall, Postdoc, joined Cambridge Consultants, UK, 2009-2011
Dr Elisa Hemmig , Part III, Mphil and PhD student XIII, joined IBM Ruschlikon, Switzerland, 2012-2017
Dr Silvia Hernandez-Ainsa, Group leader at Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon, Spain, 2011-2018
Dr Jinglin Kong, PhD student XII and Postdoc, joined McGill University, 2013-2018
Dr Chandrashekhar Kulkarni , Postdoc, joined UCLAN as group leader, UK, 2012-2013
Dr Nadanai Laohakunakorn, Part III and PhD student VI, 2009-2015, joined EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr Jeffrey Mc Hugh, PhD student XXI, 2016-2020, joined College de France
Dr Karolis Misiunas, PhD student IX, joined Google, Zurich, 2012-2018
Dr Diana Morzy (nee Sobota), PhD student XXIII, 2017-2021, joined EPFL, SUI
Alexander Ohmann, PhD student XV and postdoc, 2015-2021, joined Buehlmann AG, SUI
Dr Oliver Otto, PhD student II, joined VW, Wolfsburg, Germany, now group leader at U Greifswald, Germany 2007-2011
Dr Stefano Pagliara, Leverhulme Fellow, Faculty at Exeter University, 2010-2014
Dr Oliver Pambos, PhD student VII, joined Chemistry, U Cambridge, 2010-2015
Dr Sowmya Purushothaman, Postdoc, joined Exeter University, 2014-2016
Dr Maria Ricci, Postdoc SNF fellow, 2014-2016
Dr Lorenz Steinbock, PhD student I, joined 454 Sequencing, New Haven, USA, 2007-2011
Dr Michael Schaich, Master student, PhD student XIX and postdoc, joined BrainLabs, Germany, 2016-2020
Dr Gunter Stober, PhD student at Leipzig, joined Rostock University, Germany, 2006-2008
Dr Yizhou Tan, PhD student XIV, China, 2014-2018
Dr Vivek Thacker, PhD student V and Postdoc, joined EPFL, Switzerland, 2010-2015
Dr Vladimir Turek, PostDoc, joined start-up company in London, 2017-2019
Dr Michael Walker, PhD student XI ad Postdoc, joined The Technology Partership (TTP), 2013-2017

MPhil students

Filip Boskivic, MPhil student, joined Cambridge University, 2018-2019
Kareem Al Nahas, MPhil student, joined Cambridge University, 2016-2017
Simon Dettmer, MPhil student, joined Cologne University, Germany, 2012-2013
Madhavi Duvvuri, MPhil student, joined Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, US, 2014-2015
Elisa Hemmig, MPhil student, joined Cambridge University, 2013-2014
Theresa Maier, Summer project and MPhil student, joined Cambridge University, UK, 2014-2015
Inese Silkina, Micro-Nano MPhil student, joined ESA, NL, 2018
Vivan Wang, Churchill Scholar, MPhil, joined UC Berkeley, 2017-2018

Part III, project, summer and visiting (PhD) students

Aiste Baleisyte, Undergraduate visiting student, joined Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, 2011
Kevin Baumann, Visiting Master student with Silvia Hernandez Ainsa, joined Cambridge University, 2017
Timothy Bennett, Part III student, 2018
Cristiana Bercea, Visiting summer student, joined Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, 2015
Liu Boyao, Visiting student from Tsinghua, 2019
Jamie Bragg, Part III student, 2019
Bertie Brown, Part III student, 2018
Hergen Brutzer, Master student, joined TU Dresden, Germany, 2007
Jerome Burelbach , Part III student, joined Cambridge University, 2014
Jonathan Burley Part III student, 2011
Amrit Cassim, UROP summer student, continued at Cambridge, 2021
Edward Chalklen, Part II Engineering project student, 2015-16
Kaikai Chen, visiting PhD student, returned to Tsinghua University, 2015-2017
Meng Siong Chen, UROP summer student, continued at Cambridge, 2022
Andrew Derrett, Part III student, 2019
Marcus Fletcher, Part III student, 2018
Elisabeth Gaberdiel, Summer student, 2019
Matt Gilbert, Berkeley exchange programme, 2019
Benjamin Gollnick, Visiting PhD student from CSIC Madrid, Spain, 2013
Lisa Hecker Visiting Master Student, TU Braunschweig, joined Sensors CDT, U Cambridge, 2015-16
Kevin Jahnke, ERASMUS Student, returned to U Heidelberg, 2018
Sebastian John, NanoDTC Midi project student, joined Cambridge University, UK, 2011
Bertalan Gyenes, Part III Systems Biology Student, joined MRC Labs London, 2013-2014
Nikita Hanikel, ERASMUS research student, joined UC Berkeley, US, 2017
Irene Henning, ERASMUS research student, joined Nottingham University, UK, 2015
Lukas Hild, Master student, joined U Leipzig, Germany, 2008
Anna Huefner, Diploma student, joined Cambridge University, UK, 2009-2010
Tim Hutschenreiter, Summer project student, joined Cambridge University, UK, 2013
Tadas Kartanas , NanoDTC Mini project, PhD student at U Cambridge, UK, 2015
Stuart Knowles, Part III student, 2018
Robin Lamboll Part III and Summer Project student, joined Cambridge University, 2013
Lewis Lea, Part III student, joined SMF group, Cambridge University, UK, 2013
Adrian Leathers, ERASMUS student from ETHZ, 2017-2018
Wenhong 'Tina' Li, MPhil student, joined Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, 2013
Alex Lucas, Part III student, joined Oxford University, UK, 2011
Andre Maier, Visiting ERASMUS student, joined U Tubingen, Germany, 2016-2017
Philip Mair, Mini project Sensors CDT, now PhD student U Cambridge, 2015
Nikolay Martyushenko, Part II Biochemistry project & Summer Student, joined U Cambridge, 2014
Peter Francis James May, Part III student, joined Oxford University, UK, 2012
Hein Mante Part III and summer student, 2022
Anne Meijering, Visiting ERASMUS student, joined VU Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2/14-7/14
Christoph Muus, Visiting summer student, joined University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2011
Jan Henning Peters, Master student, joined MPI Goettingen, Germany, 2007-2008
Gladys Poon, Part III student, 2018
Danielle Kaminski, Summer student, joined Cambridge University, UK, 2010
Bhavik Dipak-Kumar, Biotechnology MaSt, 2021-22
Vincent J. Lim, Summer student, Cambridge University, UK, 2019
Timothee Menais, Summer student, joined ENS Lyon, 2011
Enno Oldewurtel, Part III student, joined U Koeln, Germany, 2009
Arthur Poliakow, ERASMUS visiting researcher, returned LMU Munich, 2018-19
Harisha Ramachandraiah, Visitor, 2009-2010
Vivek Saraswat, MPhil Nano student, joined U Wisconsin Madison, 2014
Christian Schwall Master student, joined Cambridge University, UK, 2011-2012
Inese Silkene, MPhil Nano student, joined ESA, Netherlands, 2018
Rebecka Skarstam, Summer and Part III student, joined McKinnsey, Stockholm, Sweden, 2011
Hannah Sleath, Part III student, Joined Imperial as PhD, 2019
Emily Smith, Part III student, 2016-2017
Lindsey Tate, Part III student, joined UIT Cambridge, UK, 2013
Krystian Ubych, ERASMUS student, joined University of Warsaw, 2015
Queeny van der Spek, Part III student, joined VU Amsterdam, NL, 2016-2017
Henrik von der Emde, Part III student, 2019
Carolin Wagner, Visiting PhD student, joined Leipzig University, Germany 2011
Matthew Wang Part III student, 2022
Dr Nicole Weckman, joine Harvard University, now faculty at U Toronto, 2016-2020
Samantha Whitmore, Part III student, 2014
Da Wei Wong, Summer student, joined DAMTP, Cambridge University, 2010
Clare Xu Part III student, 2012
Thomas Zettl Visiting Master student, Returned to LMU Munich, Germany, 2013-14