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Our main research is focused on understanding all transport processes through membranes of both biological and technological origin. Specifically, we are interested in the physics of ions, macromolecules and particles in confined geometries at the single molecule/-particle level. We thrive to exert maximum control over all parameters in the experiment using techniques like: DNA (origami) self-assembly, optical trapping, particle tracking, fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology, or micro-/nanofluidics. In parallel, we are always improving and developing new measurement techniques based on a combination of single molecule approaches. Our interdisciplinary team combines people with expertise in physics, physical chemistry, biochemistry/biology, and micro-/nanofabrication.

We are always looking for enthusiastic students and postdocs. If you are interested in working with us, you can find more information on JOBS and TENTATIVE projects below .

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Recent Publications

C. Chimerel, E. Emery, D. K. Summers, U. F. Keyser, F. M. Gribble, and F. Reimann.
Bacteria-specific metabolite of tryptophan, indole, modulates incretin secretion from intestinal enteroendocrine L-cells
Cell Reports
, published online, 2014. [ DOI | http ]

A. Seifert, K Goepfrich, J. Burns, N. Fertig, U. F. Keyser, and S. Howorka.
Bilayer-spanning DNA nanopores with voltage-switching between open and closed state
ACS nano
, published online, 2014. [ DOI | http ]

S. M. Hernandez-Ainsa, , and U. F. Keyser.
DNA origami nanopores: developments, challenges and perspectives
, published online, 2014. [ DOI | http ]

S. Pagliara, S. L. Dettmer, and U. F. Keyser.
Channel-facilitated diffusion boosted by particle binding at the channel entrance
Phys. Rev. Lett.
, 113:048102, 2014. [ DOI | http ]

K. D. Schleicher, S. L. Dettmer, L. E. Kapinos, S. Pagliara, U. F. Keyser, S. Jeney, and R. Y. H. Lim.
Selective Transport Control on Molecular Velcro Made From Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Nature Nanotechnology
, published online, 2014. [ DOI | www: ]

S. Pagliara, K. Franze, C. R. McClain, G. W. Wylde, C. L. Fisher, R. J. M. Franklin, A. J. Kabla, U. F. Keyser, and K. J. Chalut.
Auxetic nuclei in embryonic stem cells exiting pluripotency
Nature Materials
, 13:638-644, 2014. [ DOI | .html ]

V.V. Thacker, L. O. Hermann, D. O. Sigle, T. Zhang, J. J. Baumberg, and U. F. Keyser.
DNA origami based assembly of gold nanoparticle dimers for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Nature communications
, 5:3448, 2014. [ DOI | .html ]

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Recent Highlights

Image 01

Film explaining DNA origami technology for membrane channels. (Youtube)

Image 01

Auxetic nuclei in embryonic stem cells. (Nature Materials)
News and Views by Ning Wang: nature materials
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Lipid-Bilayer-Spanning DNA Nanopores with a Bifunctional Porphyrin Anchor . (Angewandte Chemie)

Press release: U Cambridge
Coverage: azonano , e!science , sciencedaily , eurekalert , cambridgenetwork ,
Image 02

DNA origami nanopores. (Nano Letters)

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