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Ulrich F. Keyser et al.

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Our main research is focused on understanding all transport processes through membranes of both biological and technological origin. Specifically, we are interested in the physics of ions, macromolecules and particles in confined geometries at the single molecule/-particle level. We thrive to exert maximum control over all parameters in the experiment using techniques like: DNA (origami) self-assembly, optical trapping, particle tracking, fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology, or micro-/nanofluidics. In parallel, we are always improving and developing new measurement techniques based on a combination of single molecule approaches. Our interdisciplinary team combines people with expertise in physics, physical chemistry, biochemistry/biology, and micro-/nanofabrication.

We are always looking for enthusiastic students and postdocs. If you are interested in working with us, you can find more information TENTATIVE projects below.

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Recent Publications

L. Weller, V. V. Thacker, L. O. Herrmann, E. A. Hemmig, A. Lombardi, U. F. Keyser, and J. J. Baumberg.
Gap-dependent plasmonic coupling of Ag-Au nanoparticle heterodimers using DNA origami-based self-assembly
ACS Photonics
, 3(9):1589-1595, 2016. [ DOI | http ]

K. Göpfrich, C.-Y. Li, M. Ricci, S. P. Bhamidimarri, J. Yoo, B. Gyenes, A. Ohmann, M. Winterhalter, A. Aksimentiev, and U. F. Keyser.
Large-Conductance Transmembrane Porin Made from DNA Origami
ACS nano
, 10(9):8207-8214, 2016. [ DOI | http ]

K. Göpfrich, C.-Y. Li, I. Mames, S. P. Bhamidimarri, M. Ricci, J. Yoo, A. Mames, A. Ohmann, M. Winterhalter, E. Stulz, A. Aksimentiev, and U. F. Keyser.
Ion Channels Made from a Single Membrane-Spanning DNA Duplex
Nano Letters
, 16(7):4665-4669, 2016. [ DOI | http ]

N. A. W. Bell and U. F. Keyser.
Digitally encoded DNA nanostructures for multiplexed, single-molecule protein sensing with nanopores
Nature Nanotechnology
, 11:645-651, 2016. [ DOI | .html ]

S. Hernández-Ainsa, M. Ricci, L. Hilton, A. Avino, R. Eritja, and U. F. Keyser.
Controlling the Reversible Assembly of Liposomes through a Multistimuli Responsive Anchored DNA
Nano Letters
, 16(7):4462-4466, 2016. [ DOI | http ]

J. Kong, N. A. W. Bell, and U. F. Keyser.
Quantifying Nanomolar Protein Concentrations Using Designed DNA Carriers and Solid-State Nanopores
Nano Letters
, 16(6):3557-3562, 2016. [ DOI | http ]

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Recent Highlights

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Building an ion channel out of a single DNA double helix. (Nano Letters)

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DNA carriers enable multiplexed protein detection. ( Nature Nanotechnology)

First Poster Price for Alexander Ohmann. (DPG Tagung Regensburg 2016)
Alex Ohmann attended the DPG-Tagung (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft - German Physical Society) in Regensburg (06. - 11.03.16), Germany, and won the first poster prize (350 Euro) awarded by the Biological Physics Division and sponsored by the Executive Editor from the EPL Journal.


Nondecaying hydrodynamic interactions published in (Physical Review Letters )

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ERC Consolidator Grant for research on novel nanopores. (ERC press release)