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Pietro Cicuta


There is a Faculty opening in Biological Physics in the department - see:
  • Biological Physics faculty job
  • Postdoctoral positions

    There are no current vacancies in my group; All vacancies will be posted on

    PhD student vacancies

    Inquiries are welcome for PhD positions. A reminder that overseas (EU non-UK, and particularly non-EU) applications need to be submitted very early (around November 2017, for a start in the following October 2018) in order to be considered for all funding opportunities. UK applicants should ideally apply before December 2017.

    In general some experience and interest in aspects of soft matter physics, optical trapping, microfluidics fabrication, instrument automation and/or biological physics is desired.

    For October 2018 I am particularly looking for students interested in: (a) bacteria and micro-organism growth in microfabricated controlled environments; (b) the study of Malaria infection with advanced optical trapping techniques; (c) the physics of motile cilia synchronisation; (d) phospholipid membrane based functional systems. Do look at our published papers, and get in touch to discuss projects.

    Further information on general University application procedures is available here.