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Rotation of merozoites

Measuring orientation, low frame rate
Measuring orientation, high frame rate
Side view of cell-merozoite interaction
Top view of cell-merozoite interaction


Kusabira Orange videos
Ameboid ring-stage (mCherry)
Ameboid ring-stage (Midoriishi-Cyan)
Ameboid ring-stage (BFP)

Merozoites (mCherry)
Merozoites (Midoriishi-Cyan)
Merozoites (BFP)

Time lapse video (same area as egresses 2 and 3)

Egress 1
Egress 2
Egress 3
Egress, invasion, and two rings
Egress, invasion (?), death

10ms exposure
20ms exposure
30ms exposure

1mL/min flow

Fluorescence damage