Research Students Postdoctoral Associates and Visitors
Dr. Bingyu Cui(PhD: 2020)
  • Next: postdoc in Department of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University
  • Dr. Takyua Ohzono
  • Staff at: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Higashi, Tsukuba
  • Dr. Cheng-Tai Lee (PhD: 2020)
  • Next: postdoc in Alan Turing Center for Living Systems , Aix-Marseille Universite
  • Dr. Weike Zou
  • Now at: State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering>, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
  • Dr. Samuel Bell (PhD: 2019)
  • Next: postdoc in Institute Curie, Paris
  • Dr. Fanlong Meng
  • Faculty: Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing
  • Dr. Anna-Lena Redmann (PhD: 2018)
  • Next: research scientist in Beiersdorf AG
  • Dr. Jean Marshall
  • Staff Scientist at Domino Printing Sciences, Cambridge
  • Dr. Anna Lappala (PhD: 2015)
  • Next: research fellow in Los Alamos
  • Dr. Panayotis Benetatos
  • Faculty: Physics Department, Kyungpook National University, Korea
  • Dr. Robyn Pritchard (PhD: 2015)
  • Technical consultant at TTP, Cambridge
  • Dr. Alessio Zaccone
  • Faculty: Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Cambridge
  • Dr. Sarah Gallagher (PhD: 2013)
  • Next: McKinsey & Co. London
  • Dr. Yan Ji
  • Faculty: Chemistry Department, Tsinghua University, Beijing
  • Dr. Michelle Rigozzi(PhD: 2011)
  • NHS Management Trainee, Centre for Science and Policy
  • Dr. Juergen Schmidtke
  • Next: Postdoc in Physikalische Chemie , Univ. Paderborn
  • Dr. Yan Yan (Shery) Huang(PhD: 2011)
  • Faculty: Department of Engineering, Cambridge
  • Dr. Linda Payet
  • Next: Postdoc in LAMBE, Universite d'Evry, Ile de France
  • Dr. Jamie Blundell(PhD: 2011)
  • Research group leader, Department of Oncology, Cambridge
  • Dr. Ali Tajbakhsh
  • Now retired
  • Dr. Chia-Hung Chen(PhD: 2010)
  • Faculty: Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore
  • Dr. Ian Graham
  • Director of Research at Liverpool Football Club
  • Dr. Francesca Serra(PhD: 2009)
  • Faculty: Department of Physics, John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
  • Dr. Anne Ladegaard Skov (nee: Larsen)
  • Faculty at Danish Technical University, Lyngby
  • Dr. Joanne Gornall (PhD: 2008)
  • Next: Postdoc at School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol
  • Dr. Thomas Tixier
  • Faculty, Department of Physics, University of West Indies, Jamaica
  • Yoshihito Hirota (MPhil: 2007)
  • Mitsui Chemicals Corporation, Japan
  • Dr. Sebastien Courty
  • Next: Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS Ulm, Paris
  • Dr. Wendy Vandoolaeghe (PhD: 2006)
  • Head of risk at Aon Benfield, London
  • Dr. Adam Squires
  • Faculty, School of Chemistry, Reading University
  • Dr. Samit Ahir (PhD: 2006)
  • Group Executive at Makevale Group, Hertfordshire
  • Dr. Peter Petrov
  • Faculty, Department of Physics, University of Exeter
  • Dr. Aidan Craig (PhD: 2006)
  • Technical consultant at Innovia Technology, Cambridge
  • Dr. Stuart Clarke
  • Faculty, The BP Institute, Cambridge
  • Dr. Loucas Petridis (PhD: 2005)
  • Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee
  • Dr. Florence Elias
  • Faculty, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6
  • Dr. Atsushi Hotta (PhD: 2003)
  • Faculty: Mechanical Engineering, Keio University, Japan
  • Dr. Serguei Fridrikh
  • Principal Scientist at NABsys, Providence, RI
  • Joseph Chan (MPhil: 2003)
  • Next destination: PhD student at Physics Department, UC Santa Barbara
  • Dr. Paulo Teixeira
  • Faculty at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Lisboa
  • Dr. Samuel Kutter (PhD: 2002)
  • Co-founder of technology company Heliovis AG
  • Hyon-Min Song (MPhil: 2002)
  • Next destination: PhD student at Department of Chemistry, Purdue University
  • Dr. Mark Osborne (PhD: 2002)

    Dr. Roland Ruhwandl (PhD: 1997)

    Summer Students (Published work)
    2001: Patrick Hogan (UCam) "UV-actuators from nematic elastomers - 1 "
    2001: Samit Ahir (Imperial) "Rheology across phase transition boundary - 1" and "- 2"
    2002: Jean Cviklinski (Paris) "UV-actuators from nematic elastomers - 2"
    2003: Judith Mine (Paris) "Electromechanical actuator from nematic nano-composite rubber"
    2005: Yanyan Huang (Imperial) "Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in viscous polymers"
    2006: Clare Harvey (UCam) "Role of polarisation in photo-actuator response of nematic elastomers"
    2007: Kwong Hon (UCam) "Bending kinetics in nematic elastomer cantilever"
    2009: Lukas Witkowski (UCam) "Quenched disorder and X-ray scattering in smectic elastomers"
    2012: Christian Boehm(UCam) "Minimal Model of Intrinsic Chirality in Folding of Helical Polymers"
    2013: Sebastian Goldt (UCam) "Role of the potential landscape on the single- le diffusion through channels"
    2014: Saahil Mendiratta (Indian Inst. Technol.) "Arrested spinodal decomposition in polymer brush collapsing in poor solvent"
    2015: Liyun Wang (Jiangnan Uni. Wuxi, China) "Bacterial growth, detachment and cell size control on PET surfaces"
    2017: Yang Yang (Tsinghua Uni., Beijing) "Solvent-assisted programming of flat vitrimer sheets into self-healing 3D structures"