since 2005

Ulrich F. Keyser et al.


Yizhou Tan, PhD XIV, 2017/18: Enhanced transport through confined channels by stationary and fluctuating potentials pdf
Elisa Hemmig, PhD XIII, 2017: DNA origami structures for artificial light-harvesting and optical voltage sensing pdf
Jinglin Kong, PhD XII, 2017: Single molecule biosensing with designed DNA nanostructures and solid-state nanopores pdf
Michael Walker, PhD XI, 2017: Transport throuph nanopores in 2D membranes; Ion selectivity and nanopore sensing pdf
Kerstin Goepfrich, PhD X, 2017: Rational Design of DNA-Based Lipid Membrane Pores pdf
Karolis Misiunas, PhD IX, 2016: Hydrodynamic interactions in narrow channels pdf
Jehangir Cama, PhD VIII, 2015: Quantifying Passive Drug Transport Across Lipid Membranes pdf
Oliver Pambos, PhD VII, 2015: Single molecule detection with hybrid nanopores pdf
Nadanai Laohakunakorn, PhD VI, 2015: Electrokinetic Phenomena in Nanopore Transport pdf
Vivek Thacker, PhD V, 2014: Optical Studies of DNA Nanostructures, Electrokinetic Phenomena and Molecular Transport in Nanocapillaries pdf
Nicholas Bell, PhD IV, 2013: DNA Origami Nanopores and Single Molecule Transport through Nanocapillaries pdf
Catalin Chimerel, PhD III, 2012: Passive transport through biological membranes pdf
Lorenz Steinbock, PhD I, 2011: Micro- and nanocapillaries for resistive pulse analysis of microparticles and single molecules pdf


Madhavi Duvvuri, MPhil, 2015: Applications of DNA-based nanopores in biology pdf
Theresa Maier, MPhil, 2015: Quantifying Nanopore Mediated Transport Across Lipid Membranes pdf
Elisa Hemmig, MPhil, 2014: Ionic conductivity of DNA origami pdf
Simon Dettmer, MPhil, 2013: Investigating Model Systems for Biological Transport with Digital Video Microscopy pdf
Kerstin Goepfrich, MPhil, 2013: Towards Rational Design of Artificial Membrane Pores Using DNA Nanotechnology pdf

CPGS/First year reports

Jannes Gladrow, 2016: Asymmetric Structure of Membrane Channels: Experiment, theory & simulation pdf
Alexander Ohmann, 2016: Synthetic membrane proteins made from DNA: From ion channels to lipid scramblases pdf
Yizhou Tan, 2015: Study of optimizing diffusive transport by energy wells with barrier and escape dynamics of single-file diffusion in microfluidic channels pdf
Michael Walker, 2014: Graphene for Micro and Nanofluidic sensing pdf
Jinglin Kong, 2014: Ionic Conductivity Properties of DNA Origami pdf
Karolis Misiunas, 2013: Modelling transport in nanopore systems pdf
Kerstin Goepfrich, 2013: DNA-Based Artificial Membrane Pores: From Structure to Function pdf
Nadanai Laohakunakorn, 2012: Combined Optical Tweezers and Nanocapillaries for Single-Molecule Analysis pdf
Jehangir Cama, 2012: DNA Origami Nanopores for Molecular Sensing pdf
Oliver Pambos, 2011: Single Molecule Detection in Hybrid Nanopores pdf
Vivek Thacker, 2011: Single Molecule detection studies using Nanocapillaries pdf
Nick Bell, 2011: DNA Origami Nanopores for Molecular Sensing pdf
Catalin Chimerel, 2009: Direct measurements of optimized passive transport pdf
Oliver Otto, 2009: Biomolecular Transport through the Nuclear Pore Complex pdf
Lorenz Steinbock, 2009: Sensing nanocolloids with glass capillaries pdf

Example Part III report

Nadanai Laohakunakorn, 2010: Detection and trapping of DNA in micropipettes using a combined fluorescence microscopy and current monitoring setup pdf

Master/Diplom etc.

Michael Schaich (ETH Zurich), 2016: Label-free optical detection of antibiotic transport through lipid membranes pdf
Lisa Hecker (TU Braunschweig), 2016: Single-molecule FRET for voltage driven transport pdf
Irene Henning (U Stuttgart), 2015: Stimuli responsive interaction between DNA nanostructures and lipid membranes pdf
Thomas Zettl (LMU Munchen), 2014: DNA Tile-Based Ion Channels pdf
Anne Meijering (VU Amsterdam), 2014: Characterizing the interaction of DNA origami nanopores with lipid membranes pdf
Kerstin Goepfrich (Erlangen), 2012: Reconstitution of alpha -hemolysin into nano lipid bilayers pdf
Christian Schwall (LMU), 2012: Mimicking Protein Channels in a Chip pdf
Oliver Otto (Leipzig), 2008: Single Colloid Electrophoresis using Optical Tweezers pdf
Jan Henning Peters (Leipzig), 2008: Effects of Laser-induced Heating in a Nanopore- and Microcapillary-System pdf
Hergen Brutzer (Leipzig), 2007: Study of Protein-DNA Interaction with Atomic Force Microscopy pdf
Stijn van Dorp (Delft), 2006: Forces on DNA in a solid-state nanopore pdf
Nadine Wennersbusch (Delft), 2005: An experimental study on the interaction of DNA with the a-hemolysin nanopore pdf