Stefano Pagliara

Single particle

Single cell

Research Overview

My research is focused on advancing our understanding of the physics of living systems by developing bio-inspired microfluidics. Furthermore it facilitates the development of future point-of-care applications where the requirements for low analyte volumes and reliable, fast screening are crucial. I am particularly interested in combining microfluidics and optical tweezers to unravel the hidden mechanisms of passive and active transport through protein membrane pores. I am also developing novel microfluidic assays for high throughput phenotyping of constrained live biological cells. This enables independent stress and measurement with single cell resolution and can be used in the study of differentiation kinetics of stem cells, cancer invasion and drug pharmacodynamics.

Recent publications

  1. S. Pagliara, K. Franze, C. R. McClain, G. W. Wylde, C. L. Fisher, R. J. M. Franklin, A. J. Kabla, U. F. Keyser, K. J. Chalut.
    Auxetic nuclei in embryonic stem cells exiting pluripotency
    Nature Materials, 13, 638, (2014)
    [Link] [PDF]
    Highlighted in Science as
    The Mechanics of Change
    by B. A. Purnell [Link][PDF]
  2. S. Pagliara, S. L. Dettmer, U. F. Keyser.
    Channel-Facilitated Diffusion Boosted by Particle Binding at the Channel Entrance
    Physical Review Letters, 113, 048102, (2014) [Link] [PDF]
  3. K. D. Schleicher, S. L. Dettmer, L. E. Kapinos, S. Pagliara, U. F. Keyser,S. Jeney, R. Y. H. Lim.
    Selective transport control on molecular velcro made from intrinsically disordered proteins
    Nature Nanotechnology, 9, 525, (2014) [Link] [PDF]
  4. S. L. Dettmer, U. F. Keyser, S. Pagliara.
    Local characterization of hindered Brownian motion by using digital video microscopy and 3D particle tracking
    Review of Scientific Instruments, 85, 023708, (2014) [Link] [PDF]
  5. S. L. Dettmer, S. Pagliara, K. Misiunas, U. F. Keyser.
    Anisotropic diffusion of spherical particles in closely confining microchannels
    Physical Review E, 89, 062305, (2014) [Link] [PDF]